About us

“Casa Hogar is not just a home. We prepare the children to be good human beings and set them up to integrate into society – with respect and self-esteem!”

Rocìo Rodriguez

Today Children’s home Maximo Cornejo is a local, 15-year-old non profit organization; a shelter dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned, abandoned, disadvantaged or vulnerable children.

The children of Casa Hogar come from diverse backgrounds such as abandonment, violence, abuse, family disintegration or extreme poverty. Some are children of indigent single mothers, others have been abandoned by their parents, and many have been abused. They all have one thing in common: a great need for love and the absence of a father or mother who makes them feel worthy of being loved.

Some of the children have come by way of local safety authorities. Others are channeled through the D.I.F social services arm of Government. Occasionally, come from the parents themselves looking after the welfare of their children and requesting assistance of CASA HOGAR until they can resolve the critical home situations that keep them from properly caring for their children.

They live 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To carry out their studies they assist to various external schools, and are distributed accordingly their age. We make an effort to cover expenses and demands associated such as uniforms, books and school supplies as well as tuitions. But the little ones (toddlers) spend their days at the orphanage, in an classroom program develop by Barbara Wilde, Nelly Barquet and a Canadian sponsor where a handful of volunteers work with teachers and wonderful people like Luz Aurora Arredondo, Rocio, and Casa Hogar founder, Sra. Elisa Cornejo, who do their best to make the orphanage feel like home.

We are located approximately 8 miles north of downtown Puerto Vallarta. The principal residence is a six-bedroom house, Baby-Nursery Room, Toddler Activity Room, kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry room, Play & Learn centre, library area & study room; Also, there is 2 storage room for food and supplies, an administrator’s office and various outdoor yard areas.

There are currently 55 children of all ages living at the facility in addition to the Children’s Director, President of Administration, a nurse, two childcare workers, a team of professional teachers who are committed to our cause and various part-time volunteers. We also have kitchen, custodial and maintenance staff.

This team does their best to provide them with daily activities like learning, playing and interacting with others.

We are an official non-governmental organization registered at:

IJAS who is the Regional Social Assistance Institute, ()

Hacienda (Mexican Department of the Treasury) ()