Children’s Shelter Maximo Cornejo Quiroz was founded on February 1993 by Mr. & Mrs Cornejo.

At that time, Mr. & Mrs. Cornejo recognized that there was a desperate need for the underprivileged kids living in poverty or abandoned in the streets. They both had a dream to create Children’s home in a living environment with a family-like atmosphere, where the children would be given an opportunity to grow and become educated, to gain self-confidence and self-respect.

Inspiration for the name “Maximo Cornejo” was derived in the beloved memory of Mr. Maximo Cornejo, a successful hotel businessman who was the founder and President of the Association of Hotels and Motels in Vallarta. He founded the Tropicana Hotel in 1958 and expanded several properties of the famous Los Muertos Beach, area of Puerto Vallarta. **

Encouraged by wife Mr. Cornejo founded the CASA HOGAR ailing himself, and finally succumbing to his medical problems, his memory will live on in his generous gift in February of 1993. The commitment was then made to immediately start an orphanage and come to the rescue of these desperate children.

CH has continued to grow and now houses 55 well-behaved, responsible, happy children.

  • Connie Bertone

    My husband, my sister, and I have been volunteering at Familias de la Esperanza this past month. We have brought some materials that we did not use and would like to bring to you,
    Also, in past years, we have volunteered a few days a week at the center in Majisterio. Next year, we are thinking that we might want to volunteer at a different program.
    Is it possible to visit you in the next few days?
    Connie Bertone
    Connie Bertone